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Time management

The Benefits of Good Time Management

When you know how to manage your time effectively, you can unlock many benefits. These include:

  • Greater productivity and efficiency.

  • Less stress.

  • A better professional reputation.

  • Increased chances of advancement.

  • More opportunities to achieve your life and career goals.

Overall, you start feeling more in control, with the confidence to choose how best to use your time.

And by feeling happier, more relaxed, and better able to think, you're in a great place to help others reach their targets, too.



5 Tips to Better Your Time Management

1. Set reminders for all your tasks

The key to time management success is to know your deadlines and set reminders. 

2. Create a daily planner

Make a list of the tasks that you need to accomplish in a day, and note in upcoming meetings or deadlines as you become aware of them. As you complete your list, make sure to tick off the tasks you have completed.

3. Give each task a time limit

On your daily list of things to do, pen in how much time you think each task will take you. If you don’t finish, stop when the time you allotted ends, and come back to it later. Sometimes moving on to different responsibilities and then coming back gives your mind a fresh start and a new perspective.

4. Block out distractions

First and foremost, turn off your email notification. Set 30-minute blocks to check your email every couple hours instead of checking it every 15 minutes. Make sure you minimize non-work distractions such as your cell phone, social media, or your favorite online store.

5. Establish routine

While at work, create a routine that makes the most sense for your position. Why is this important? For starters, if a chaotic day comes along, you’ll still work through the issue while adhering to your routine. By sticking to your routine, you won’t be able to procrastinate. Most importantly, your mental health and stress levels with thank you.




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