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Scrum Business Analyst

The Business Analyst Traditionally Role.

What the BA Played?

⇒ The Business Analyst Traditionally performed the important role of understanding business needs and identifying solutions. Not all by their own, of course, but on traditional IT projects, the Business Analyst ‘owned‘ Requirements Analysis and Requirements Management.

⇒ The BA also played an active and significant part in Solution Analysis and Design, given the wealth of ‘business‘ knowledge and perspective they build with Requirements Analysis.

Apps Square Solutions to common challenges of Business Analysts

1- Effective Documentation.

2- Transparent Communication.

3- Improve Collaboration.

4- Real-time Tracking.

5- Forecast Scope Creeps.

6- Trello Integration

Apps Square Products Process.

Our way to Implementing

our product cycle process 

  1. Initiate Create Project Vision, Create Prioritized Product Backlog, and Conduct Release Planning. 

  2. Plan and Estimate Create User Stories, Approve, Estimate, and Commit User Stories, Create Tasks, Estimate Tasks, and Create Sprint Backlog.

  3. Implement The execution of the tasks and activities to create a project's product.

  4. Review and Retrospect  Reviewing the deliverables and the work that has been done and determining ways to improve the practices and methods used to do project work.

  5. Release This phase emphasizes on delivering the Accepted Deliverables to the customer and identifying, documenting, and internalizing the lessons learned during the project. 

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